Professional Experience

I am a court-certified translator and sworn interpreter and a member of Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer e.V. (BDÜ) (Federal Association of Translators and Interpreters).


I trained as a translator and interpreter at Leipzig University, graduating with a Diplomsprachmittler degree (advanced degree in translation and interpreting) for English and French in 1973. From 1980 to 1981, I was enrolled in an advanced graduate international relations program at Berlin Humboldt University. Prior to my language studies, I went through a maintenance mechanic’s apprenticeship and a relevant vocational school program, which I completed with a skilled worker’s certificate.


I have been working as a translator and interpreter in many fields for more than 35 years now. For five years, I was employed as an interpreter and translator at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with numerous interpreting assignments at home and abroad. Also, I worked as a translator and interpreter in the diplomatic service for a total of eight years, with postings to New York City, Washington, D.C. and Geneva. In addition, I spent five years working full-time for a major national language services provider. In 1988, I became a self-employed translator, interpreter and foreign language teacher and opened my own translation agency.


In addition to my freelance work, I was on the staff of a North American automotive supplier with an important operation in Germany from 1998 to 2002, serving as its business agent and German representative on its European business development team. 


From the beginning of my professional career, I have been teaching English and French for various education providers and businesses, as well as to private individuals.


My customers are manufacturing and trading companies – most of them operating in the automotive sector, in electrical engineering and electronics – corporate legal departments, administrations, courts, institutions of higher education and private citizens.


Whenever translation and interpretation services other than in my working languages are requested, they will be rendered by highly qualified translators and interpreters. All of them are court-certified and sworn, hold university or college degrees and have many years of professional experience.